VoxSnap Library

UX Case Study | 2017

Researched and developed new ideas for VoxSnap, a blog narration startup. The goal is to improve their blog browsing and listening experience in the VoxSnap Library (now called the VoxSnap Audiohub).

VoxSnap Hero Image.png

Project Background

VoxSnap is a startup that helps businesses convert their blog articles into audio format. The idea is to increase audience reach — people who are too busy to sit down and read can listen to these blogs on-the-go instead. The audio clip is usually embedded in the blog article itself, but VoxSnap will also host these clips on its own website. The place where these clips are hosted is known as the VoxSnap Library (now called the VoxSnap Audiohub).


Since VoxSnap Library was a new concept at the time, there was definitely room for improvement — particularly in the user experience department. After doing some research and auditing VoxSnap Library, I came up with two new goals. The first is to improve VoxSnap's browsing experience. The second is to find ways to personalize the experience.

Improving the Browsing Experience

In the research phase, potential users mentioned that the original homepage was hard to navigate. In the new version, a navigation bar with the most popular categories has been added. Users can also now search by keyword at the top of the page. Other new features include timestamps to show audio duration, and a brief description of the article topic.


Personalizing the Experience

When I interviewed people, I noticed that they liked having personalized content because it requires less effort to search. Two ideas that came to mind were adding a playlist function and creating personal accounts. 


A playlist function would allow users to create custom playlists, while personal accounts allow users to build profiles and listening history. Whenever they return, VoxSnap could provide recommendations based on their listening history and preferences. While these probably won’t be implemented anytime soon, it is something VoxSnap can consider in the long run.

Playlist Function


Personalized Homepage

personalized page.png