Tiffany Lu

Here's a little bit about


I'm Tiffany Lu, a visual and product designer based in Silicon Valley, CA.

I'm all about people. I love observing and understanding why we do what we do. My prior education and work in marketing fostered my love of keeping users first. Now I carry that into my passion for user-centric design.

I currently work at QuinStreet designing products both for internal user and for clients such as The Balance, NerdWallet, and Progressive Insurance. Previously I worked at VoxSnap designing an audio library to help users find their favorite audio blogs. Before VoxSnap, I was on the Data Operations team at Houzz, working on Houzz Marketplace and Houzz Professionals. 


The Last...

Place I visited: Israel (life before COVID-19 was fun)

Book I read: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (it only took me 25 years to get around to it)

Album I listened to: Ventura by Anderson. Paak (what a talented man)

TV series I finished: Don't F**k with Cats (this documentary is so insane it's basically a real-life thriller)