The Balance Widgets

Widget Design | 2018

Created a series of widgets for The Balance, a website dedicated to teaching people about personal finance. The widgets are displayed alongside relevant articles, and allow visitors to compare various savings accounts.

Balance Hero Image.png

Personal Finance in Custom Sizes

The Balance wanted two types of widgets for their readers - one to compare Savings & Money Market Accounts and the other to compare Certificate of Deposit accounts. Both widgets display account offer, its details, and filters that allow readers to sort through the offer list. 


Because The Balance has several article formats, it was important to create the widgets in different dimensions. Below are a few examples of how these widgets are displayed.

Full Page Widget

Full Page Widget.png

300 x 600 px Widget

300x600 Widget.png

724 x 400 px Widget

724x400 Widget.png

Mobile Version

Though mobile dimensions are smaller, we didn’t want to exclude any account offer information or reduce functionality. But to save screen space, the filter was made into a button. When clicked, the filter becomes a modal window where users can sort accordingly.

Mobile Section 1.png
Mobile Section 2.png