Website Design | 2019

Collaborated with the Creative Team to redesign QuinStreet’s corporate website. Goal is to create a new site that better communicates the company’s identity and mission to prospective clients, partners, and employees.

QuinStreet Hero Image.png

Why Redesign?

The original website was extremely confusing. It wasn’t apparent what the company does. People often had to look up the company’s Wikipedia page to find the answer - which is not great for prospective clients or employees. Navigation also wasn’t intuitive, and the design looked like it hadn’t been touched since the early 2000s. 


In short, it was time for a change. 

The Old QuinStreet.com

Old QuinStreet Homepage.png

The New QuinStreet.com

Our team worked with company stakeholders to create a new site that feels more modern and professional. We updated the site map, and created pages that explored all aspects of the company, from its corporate background to the diverse business opportunities that it offers. We also refreshed the site’s visual aesthetic, which was much needed.

New Homepage

Home 1.png
Home 2.png

Education Pages

One part of the site that I was responsible for is the Education section. QuinStreet partners with clients in the Education industry, and these pages needed to explain the variety of marketing services we provide. I worked with our copywriter to structure the information in a logical way, and then provided visuals to illustrate these concepts.

Edu 1.png
Edu 2.png

Careers & Recruiting

No company can exist without employees, so it’s important to have a section dedicated to them! I worked closely with the recruiting team to find the best way to reach out to potential employees. After some discussion, we decided to split our career pages into 4 sections: General Info, Business, Engineering, and University Grads.

Career 1.png
Career 2.png