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Widget Design | 2019

Created a healthcare widget for a study on that analyzes American healthcare. The widget allowed users to compare healthcare conditions in each US state. It won 2019 Website Achievement of the Year from Consumer World Awards.

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The State of Healthcare

I wanted to translate the research collected by our data analysts in a way that was easy for anyone to understand. However, I didn’t want to overlook the details either. So I compromised by splitting the data into two parts.


The first part is a color-coded map of the United States. It provides a simple way for users to understand the overall picture without being bogged down by details. Colors were carefully chosen to reflect the severity of each condition, while remaining easy to read for those who are colorblind. The second part is a chart that lists out all healthcare details. Users can toggle between states to compare each detail side-by-side.

Desktop Version

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Mobile Version

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